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Pokémon Go Tracker is a mobile game available to Android and iOS users. Since its inception and release on July 2016, this game has revolutionized the mobile gaming world.

Indeed, the Niantic App developers have brought something unique and different to the mobile app gaming world. Consequently, Pokémon Go has become promptly one of the best downloaded gaming apps of 2016.

But what’s the premise of Pokémon Go? this app a location-based augmented reality game. This essentially means that players can immerse themselves in digital gameplay in their real world, based on their location. Blending digital gameplay with reality has made Pokémon Go a global phenomenon – hype that’s still rising. Users have snapped up the game’s concept and instantly taken to the gameplay.

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Now the question is : how to use poke radar ?And what is this Pokémon Tracker? Use the Pokémon Go Live Map to search for Pokémon in your area.

Are you ready to catch them all ?

How Pokémon Tracker Works?

How Pokémon Tracker Works

Pokémon Trackers enable you to find Pokémon, track them down and capture them in your area.

Some people walk around in the hope of stumbling across these little creatures. Others though properly immerse themselves in the gameplay, and actively want to seek out Pokémon.

Pokémon Trackers will help you do just that.

Today, because millions of people plays Pokémon Go worldwide, there are many organizations who want a piece of the action. They’re looking to cash in on the hype around the game, so many offer now Pokémon Tracking services. As expected, Niantic haven’t been best pleased with this. They’re beginning to clamp down hard on third party websites offering Pokémon Tracking services.

However, Pokémon Tracking services are still available. You can get different Pokémon Trackers if you know where to look and what you’re looking for.

Regarding the Pokémon trackers, there are many different types, each slightly different from the next. The premise is the same but how you’re able to use Pokémon Go Tracker differs. If you want to find a certain type of creatures for example, search for a certain location. A Pokémon Go Tracker will help you do all of this and make the augmented reality game that much more realistic.

But what are the best trackers ? In the following section, we’ll present you the 6 best  trackers that you can find.

6 Best Pokémon Go Tracker

As we’ve just stated, you won’t find one Pokémon Go Tracker that’s exactly the same as another Pokémon Go Tracker. Each Pokémon Go Tracker differs from the next, helping you find and capture Pokémon in a slightly different way. That’s the beauty of this mobile game, it’s so involving and realistic. 

Firstly, let’s discuss two of the in-game Pokémon Trackers.

  • The ‘Sightings’ Tracker: Some players are able to make use of the Sightings Tracker. It’s essentially an adaptation of the conventional Pokémon Tracker. It shows you how close/far the Pokémon are in your area.

Open the tracker, and the Pokémon that’s closest on your Pokémon radar will be the first listed on the tracker. If you move further away from that particular catch, it will drop down the list of the tracker. You can also use the tracker to find hunting spots, actively go and seek out to capture them.

  • The ‘Nearby’ Tracker: This is the new and improved tracker from the original tracker from Niantic. Use this tracker to get a list of all the Pokémon in your area. You’ll then be able to use the tracker to see how and how long it will take to capture them; how may PokeStops. But of course, the creatures don’t stay stationary in one spot. They move about, and this tracker will notify you that it has fled.

If you’re after Pokémon Go Tracker, here are six of the best:



This is a very simple Pokémon Map/Tracker that works extremely well. All you’ve got to do is visit this website and you’ll be able to get started. When you visit the website, it will ask permission to access your location. Give the site permission and you’ll then be able to start tracking.

FastPokeMap is a favorite tracker amongst players. It has a built-in location scanner enabling it to quickly scan your area. It also provides other information such as : how long it’ll take to capture the Pokémon you’re after? Which Pokémon’s within walking distance ? the Pokémon that are the furthest away etc. If you’re travelling, you can type in the location to see which will be there ahead of time.



PokéMap GO is very similar to FastPokeMap. Go on the website and it will ask for your location. It will scan Pokémon worldwide if that’s what you want. But you can narrow it down to your area. Then track your Pokémon and capture them to build your dream team.

The PokeMap has a trainer leader board and various other statistics to enhance the gameplay and realism of it all. Under the ‘Pokedex and Statistics’ section, you’ll be able to see the best moves, power moves etc. and you ranking.

When you track down a Pokémon or want to know more about it before trying to capture it, you can. It displays the statistics of each and every Pokémon you’re trying to track, their strengths, move sets etc.



Like the other trackers we’ve just mentioned, PokeFind uses a map to help you track Pokémon. PokeFind is an actual app that you can download from the App or Google Play Stores. It will require you to inputyour location and then the Pokémon in your vicinity will become apparent.

A feature of PokeFind is that you can filter what you want to capture. Therefore, when using the map and tracker, only your interest will appear on the map. You can also see various stats and use the evolution calculator.



Pokemapper has been developed through crowd-sourcing by OpenRide developers. It’s a sightings tracker but with a difference. You can look at the latest news from the Pokémon world. Then you can check out for Pokémon and share sightings with other trainers around the world.

This tracker is different from the rest as the little animal on the map are marked by other trainers when sighted.



Again, PokeLive essentially works on the same premise as the other trackers just mentioned. But an advantage is that you can filter Pokémon searches based on cities.

The tracker can be accessed directly from this site. It’s also available to download from the App Store.

PokeLive is ideal if you’re on the move and want live, real-time accurate locations of Pokémon. When you search for one of them, you can use the map to zoom in on your target, and then head off.



If you’ve Gotta Cache ‘Em All, do so with PokeFlex. PokeFlex offers up a worldwide map. You can see a map of each country, a database and a sightings feed.

You’ll also be able to search for the latest news, find statistics and make other purchases from PokeFlex.

Track by zooming in on the map and then setting out for the capture with your Pokeballs. Then search the trainers’ leader board after your excursions to see if you’ve made the grade.

There are numerous other trackers available, one of which is PokeVision. Use PokeVision as a real-timePokémon Go Tracker to track nearby Pokémon. In addition to PokeVision, there’s MapPokemon, Pokecrew and numerous other trackers.

How To Get Pokémon Radar?

Pokémon PokeRadar is one of the most accurate tracking apps. Pokémon Radar has been developed by third-party developers – Glu Games Inc. – and is currently available from the App Store.

Do you want to know how to use Poke Radar? It’s driven by the Pokémon Go community, and works on the basis of votes. People mark locations, then submissions are either upvoted or downvoted by other users. When the location submission gets enough downvotes, it means the Pokémon’s no longer at that location. The location is then removed from the map.

You can also use Pokémon Radar as a genuine tracker. Search the map to find Pokémon; you can then talk in the community to find out when they were spotted. You can also have a chat with other trainers in your area to find out some vital info. It’s a real collaborative effort to find Pokémon with Pokémon Radar.


Pokémon Go Tracker is an integral part of the Pokémon Go mobile game. Without it, finding and capturing Pokémon would be totally up to chance. Tracking services allow you to become immersed in the gameplay. They allow you to actively get up, go out and seek out Pokémon.

There are many trackers that are currently available. All work in pretty much the same way, with a few unique features and differences here and there.

Check out the best trackers mentioned in this article and find out which one you prefer!

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