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If you ever want to backup information on one of your devices or transfer information from one device to another then you need to download CLONEit for PC.

This application allows you to backup many different types of files that are stored on your smartphone. It also allows you to transfer your backed-up files from one smartphone to another.

CLONEit is an application that was originally designed for Android smartphones.

download cloneit for pc

When coupled with the BlueStacks Android emulator app, you can download CLONEit for PC. With the CLONEit for PC desktop app, you can backup files on your computer.

You can also use the app to transfer files from your smartphone to your laptop, similar to the way you would between smartphones.

Features of CLONEit

Features of CLONEit for pc

CLONEit has many features that are great for smartphones. But, the features of CLONEit are even better when you use BlueStacks to download CLONEit on PC.

The main feature of CLONEit is that it allows you to copy 12 types of files that are commonly used on smartphones.

These file types include: contacts, SMS and MMS messages, call logs, applications, app information, pictures, videos, music, system settings, saved passwords, and calendar information.

CLONEit gives you the ability to transfer all of these files from one smartphone to another. This ability is ideal in situations where you are replacing one smartphone with another.

But with CLONEit for PC, you can also transfer these files directly from your smartphone to your laptop. This is great because your laptop is a great location to store and backup files.

You can also use CLONEit on your computer to transfer all of these types of files from one laptop to another. So, CLONEit cannot only save you time and effort manually transferring information from your old smartphone to your new one; but it can do the same for your computer.

This is particularly advantageous because your computer will most likely have far more files and information stored on it than your phone will.

You can also use CLONEit on either your smartphone or your laptop to backup information. Meaning that you can use the app to copy any of these 12 file types to a backup file.

This way, even if your device gets damaged, you never need to worry about losing all of your information.

CLONEit is also extremely secure. You never need to worry about your privacy when you use CLONEit to copy or backup your information.

CLONEit is able to do all of these things without the need for any type of cable or network connection.

It is also completely free to download and use.

And CLONEit features the ability to transfer files at a faster speed than many other apps.

How To Download CLONEit For PC With BlueStacks

If you want to download CLONEit for PC, you need BlueStacks.

The process of using BlueStacks to download CLONEit for PC is very simple. Just follow these steps:

1 . Use this link to download Bluestacks App Player.

How To Download CLONEit For PC With BlueStacks

2 . Simply click where it says “download” and choose to save the download file on to your laptop’s desktop

bluestacks 2 native

3 .Once the installation file finishes downloading, click on the BlueStacks installation file on your desktop

start bluestacks4 . Follow any remaining on-screen instructions to finish installing BlueStacks

installing bluestacks

Now that BlueStacks is installed, you can download CLONEit for PC with BlueStacks.

  1. Open the BlueStacks Android emulator app on your laptop’s desktop

start bluestacks

  1. Click on the “search” box

search box

  1. Type “CLONEit” into the search bar that appears

cloneit search bar

  1. Select where it says “search Play for CLONEit”

search play for cloneit

  1. On this page, you can get more information about the CLONEit app. You can also download CLONEit from this page by clicking where it says “install”

cloneit app information

  1. Follow any on-screen instructions to complete the download and installation process through BlueStacks

CLONEit Alternatives

If you are interested in file sharing, file transferring, and file backup applications that you can use on both smartphones and computers; then there are many alternatives that you should consider.

Some alternatives to CLONEit include: SHAREit, Zapya, Xender, CShare, Copy My Data, Share Cloud, Share Apps, Share Link, HTC transfer tool, APK share apps, and Bluetooth app sender. These applications are all great alternatives to CLONEit.

Get CLONEit FREE on your PC today

Get CLONEit FREE on your PC today

CLONEit is one of the best file transferring and data backup applications that you can use. And now that you know all about the CLONEit app you should give it a try.

So go ahead, download CLONEit for PC with BlueStacks and try CLONEit.

Then leave a comment telling us about your experience with CLONEit.

Download CLONEit for PC
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