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Download Hike Messenger on PC – Send Free Text Messages With Features of Hike Messenger App

Want a chat service to communicate with friends and family across the world? Want to keep close friends close, and share files with your lover at a tap of a button?

Then download Hike for PC ! Hike For PC is a superb way of communicating.

There are many instant messaging apps on the app market, including the market leader, WhatsApp. But Hike Messenger’s popularity is a fact today. Indeed, Hike Messenger app now has over 100 million users, a figure that’s growing by the day.

Hike Messenger app’s popularity is due to its unique features and creator marketing. These aspects set Hike Messenger app apart from its competitors.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to download Hike Messenger for computer.

What is Hike Messenger?

Hike Messenger is an instant messaging app, providing you with a platform to chat and share content. Also, it is a cross-platform messaging service, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. In fact, you can install Hike on pretty much any smartphone device. If you use an Android Emulator, you’ll also be able to keep in touch with friends using Hike for PC.

The app was developed in India by Kavin Bharti Mittal. His goal was to make an app rivalling WhatsApp. A few months after its launch it was the most downloaded app in India.

Hike launched globally in 2012, and quickly received major financial backing from the credible investor Bharti SoftBank. Today, the app’s valued at $1.4 billion.

Hike Messenger’s success is because of different features which make the app unique. Hike Messenger app will give you a comprehensive and entertaining chatting experience. So stay with us to know more about Hike Messenger app and how to download Hike Messenger for pc !

Main Features of Hike Messenger Android App

  • Hike Messenger is free. 
  • The Hike Messengerapp uses the internet to allow users to communicate. If you suddenly go offline, the Hike Messenger app saves your messages. This way you can resume typing and send your message when back online. But in the last couple of years, Hike launched its new feature : Hire Direct. With this feature you can send messages and share files with another device that’s within a hundred-meter radius.
  • You can customize your privacy settings and also make use of the Hidden Mode. This enables you to secure all of your activities on the Hike Messenger App. So that you can only access with a password.
  • Hike Messenger app has a timeline feature allowing you to share content with all of your contacts.
  • You can send images in high-resolution or in their original quality.
  • Has a ‘Just For Laughs’ feature – you can subscribe to receive funny images, posts and memes.
  • You can receive short news updates, including popular content such as videos and images.

Other Features of Hike Messenger Android App

  • Hike Daily. Subscribe to this feature and you can receive a daily dose of quotes or fun facts.
  • You can play games, including popular games such as Sudoku or Snake.
  • You can get coupons through the Hike Messenger app to save some money.
  • Free voice calling : call via the Hike Messenger app to friends and family across the world.
  • Free group calls : ideal for chatting to multiple friends at the same time . You can have a group call with 100 people.
  • Utilize the Chat Theme feature. If you’re in a happy mood, let your friends know about it.
  • You can store Hike Messenger on your SD Card.
  • Send free SMS to India even if the recipient isn’t on Hike Messenger
  • Windows users have Cortana and Apple users have Siri. But Hike Messenger users have their very own personal assistant – Natasha.

Download Hike for PC or Windows Computer

Download Hike Messenger on PC

Hike Messenger’s available on pretty much all the major operating systems. Therefore, the process to download Hike for PC is relatively straightforward.

– Requirements

  • Minimum requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • x86, x64, ARM
  • Approximate Hike file download size: 3.78 MB – 11.65 MB.
  • To install you need about 4GB RAM, 5-10GB free C Drive storage space.
  • A functioning and updated graphic card driver.

– Download Hike Messenger for PC With BlueStacks Android Emulator

If you want to download Hike for PC, then you need an Android Emulator. The most popular Android Emulator for Windows users is BlueStacks.

  • Firstly, go to the BlueStacks website
  • Download the emulator free of charge. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install and set up BlueStacks on your Windows PC.
  • Next, download Hike for PC. You can also do this from the BlueStacks site. Alternatively, open up BlueStacks and click on the ‘Search’ icon. Search for Hike, open up the relevant page, and click install.
  • Hike Messenger for computer will then install on your device directly on BlueStacks.

– Download Hike Messenger for Computer Using APK file (using Online Google Play Downloader)

  • You can download Hike Messenger for PC either by downloading the file directly from the Google Play Store or by downloading the latest Hike Messenger for computer APK.
  • Before you begin to install Hike Messenger for PC, make sure that your PC’s security system won’t block the file. Enable the download from the website you get the file from.
  • Then simply download and begin the installation process to get Hike Messenger for computer.
  • Once Hike Messenger for PC has finished installing, right click on the file and choose to open up with the player or emulator of your choice.
  • Another option is once you have the link from the download location of your APK, visit Online APK Downloader. Now
  • Type the link into:
  • When the green button appears, click on it and the app will begin to download. Once it’s downloaded, double click on the file and Hike Messenger for PC will install on your computer.

– Install Hike For PC Using YouWave

  • YouWave is another Android Emulator which essentially acts the same than BlueStacks.
  • Firstly, download YouWave from the official site.
  • Once it’s been downloaded, under ‘Apps’ click on ‘Browser’ and search for Hike on the Google Play Store.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and that’s it. The file will install on your PC.

Hike Messenger vs. WhatsApp

Both applications are similar in that they’re messaging apps. But apart from that, Hike Messenger and WhatsApp are poles apart.

Hike Messenger app’s target is its Indian audience, whereas WhatsApp is a messenger app that’s dominated the app messaging market. WhatsApp has 1 billion+ users worldwide, so it’d be incredibly difficult for any similar app to get a piece of the pie. Having said that, Hike Messenger app is carving out a name for itself in the industry.

The app developers understood that it would be near on impossible to compete with WhatsApp, which is why Hike’s different on so many levels.

Install Hike Messenger for PC and you’ll have access to a range of features. Hike for PC is a messaging app that has plenty of add-ons for you to get your teeth into. WhatsApp on the other hand is a simpler form of instant messaging.

Due to the numbers of each app that’ve been installed, it’s evident that they both have a place in the app messaging market.

Download Hike Messenger For Android

Enjoy Hike Messenger on PC for Free

If you look for an instant messaging app, there’re plenty of benefits to installing Hike Messenger for PC.

Whether you choose to install a Hike APK file or you install Hike for PC from the Google Play Store, get and use Hike Messenger for PC. Join the Hike messaging community; undoubtedly one of the best messaging apps on the market on Android Apps free for PC!

Download Hike Messenger For Android and PC Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1/10
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