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With over 300 million users, Zapya is easily on of the best and most popular cross-platform file transferring tools. There are many things about Zapya that make it so great and so popular.

But one of the best things about Zapya is that, unlike other programs that only work for specific devices; Zapya works on all devices.

Because it works on all devices it is great for cross-platform file transferring. Meaning that you can quickly and easily use Zapya to transfer files from your smartphone to your laptop.


This capability makes everything so much easier. All you need to do is install the BlueStacks Android emulator app on your PC, then download Zapya on PC with BlueStacks. This will give you the Zapya desktop app.

Once you download the app onto your smartphone or other devices, you can begin sharing files between devices. It is that easy.

Features of Zapya

Zapya does more than just work across platforms too. It also features the ability to transfer files between devices without the need of any cables or wired connections.

File Sharing App

So, when you install Zapya on computer you do not need any special wires to transfer files from your laptop to your phone.

On top of not needing any special cables, with Zapya you do not even need an internet connection. Which means that your phone will not use any data and your laptop does not need a Wi-Fi connection.

Between not needing any cables and not needing an internet connection, using Zapya on PC or on your smartphone is completely free.

Zapya can be used to transfer almost every type of file. It can even be used to transfer very large files that many other apps would struggle with. But, the best thing is that it can send and receive all these file types at an extremely high speed.

In some cases, Zapya can even transfer a file containing as many as 120 images in a single minute.

Zapya also features a QR code feature. With this feature, you can generate your own personalized QR codes so that you can more easily share files between devices.zapya qr code

For example, if you are using Zapya on PC through BlueStacks and you have files that you want to share with your smartphone then you can simply create a QR code with the app.

You can then use your smartphone to scan this unique QR code off of your laptop.

This will instantly connect you to the files that you want to transfer. You can also send this code to your friends, enabling you to quickly and easily transfer files from your device to your friends’ devices.

In addition to all these great features for Zapya on PC, Zapya also has some special features designed for smartphones.

One of these features is the Zapya phone replicate feature. This feature can be used to backup the information on your phone. This way, if your phone is broken, you do not need to worry about losing any information.

And if you are transitioning to a new phone, you do not need to waste time manually copying information from one phone to another.

So, as great as Zapya on PC is, Zapya also works great on smartphones. Further proving that Zapya is a great app for all devices.

How to use Zapya on your Computer with BlueStacks

Now that you know about all the great features of Zapya on computer. You may want to get Zapya on your computer.

All you need to do is download Zapya on PC with BlueStacks. This can be done in a two-step process.

First, you will need to download and install the BlueStacks Android emulator app onto your computer.

Second, you need to use BlueStacks to download Zapya on PC. Here are the two steps in more detail:

  1. Download BlueStacks from the official BlueStacks website
  1. Save the file onto your desktop and open it up once the download is finished.
  1. Allow BlueStacks to finish installing

Now, use BlueStacks to install Zapya on PC:

  • Open the BlueStacks app and once it finishes loading, select the search feature.
  • Type in “Zapya” and select where it says “search Play store”

zapya search box

zapya google play store

Zapya will now be installed onto BlueStacks. You will now have access to Zapya on computer through BlueStacks.

Zapya Alternatives

In addition to Zapya, there are many other great file transferring apps. For example: SHAREit, CLONEit, Xender, CShare, and Air Drop.

These apps are all similar to Zapya in many ways but have some minor differences. But, in terms of overall quality, you cannot go wrong downloading Zapya.


Enjoy Zapya FREE  on  your PC !

Zapya is clearly one of the most popular, versatile, and useful apps available. It is especially useful when it is used on PC with BlueStacks.

So download Zapya on PC with BlueStacks and try it for yourself. Then leave a comment about your experience with Zapya. Android Appps Free For PC.

Download Zapya FREE for PC
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