How To Download Facetime On A Windows PC (Be Caution)


Facetime for PC is aVoIP application (Voice over Internet Protocol) that allows for video chatting. This is also known as video telephony.

Facetime is exclusive to iOS devices. There are lots of websites posting guides that describe using an android emulator to download Facetime for PC on Windows XP, 7, or 8 for free. A glimmer of hope made us decide to investigate.

Could it really be possible that we may have access to Facetime while still enjoying the freedom and comfort of windows?

facetime fake malware

Caution these articles contain download to programs infested with Mal-ware and Ad-ware

Download FaceTime for PC

Why Do We Care?

The reason we wanted to investigate is because we want to protect you from these harmful programs. We provide safe, interesting articles that don’t mislead you and that help you.

This would be a good time to mention that you should keep a good anti-virus along with an anti mal-ware software. They need to be up to date, this will keep your person information secure.

Moving on.

The Investigation Begins

The articles posted above direct you to get Bluestacks. The program is an Android 2.3 emulator and can be used to download apps. Guide to download the Bluestacks Android Emulator app and install. Bluestacks actually seems very useful if you want to play Android games on your Windows PC.

As we investigated the download packages were riddled with Ad-ware and Mal-ware. Then we were supposed to sign-in with our gmail.

After we were all signed up and everything was set-up the Bluestacks had to be shut-down because it seemed to freeze-up. After a restart it worked fine.

Then we searched to download Facetime for PC as the articles directed.

The only app that came up was clearly not the true Facetime. We even tried the knock-off app by KTC CCP Video Facetime for Android. But this app freezes at log-in and doesn’t allow calls.

mobile phone

Other Uses For Bluestacks

Even though you can’t use Bluestacks Android Emulator App to download FaceTime for PC and Mac for FREE. It does present other good uses. We enjoy many different games on the Androids play store. But dislike it sucking the life out of our batteries while we’re at home.

Play store games on your PC allow you a much bigger screen to enjoy the games. It allows you to enjoy a keyboard and mouse that help you advance through levels faster.

There are some bugs with stacks though because it’s emulated with Android 2.3 which limits’ games available.

There are still a ton of games like temple runner 2 and apps like Facebook to enjoy. This guide will walk you through it all in elaborate detail.

Kik For PC and Compatibility with Windows

After going through the guides, we realized that there isn’t yet a work around for Facetime on the PC. As sad as this is we aren’t going to let this crush us.

So we went on the search for VoIP, video chatting, alternatives to use for now.

We found that Skype seemed to be quality video chatting and easy to use. Skype is available on almost all platforms including; Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, and Android. You can even use Skype in a browser by reading this guide.

Alternatives To Download Facetime for PC

There are many alternatives that will allow face to face video chatting for you to use on your computer. Skype does everything that Facetime does with a bunch of extra features. It is available on across iOS gadgets; Android based products, and PC’s. You can file share between the conversations.

Stay connected, to family members, friends, organize business meeting between a group of people, and you can hold a tele conference. Skype and other similar alternatives are linked below.

All of these are compatible with the Windows, Android, and some even with Apple devices. Facetime is still superior to all of these alternatives. But at least you have options and you can still communicate.

There are even bonuses to these programs that Facetime can’t do like file sharing, instant chat, and many more.

voice calls

Now You Can Install FaceTime For PC For FREE!

It seems that after following the directions of others to download Facetime for PC and MAC for FREE was simply a sham. There was a glimmer of hope and that quickly faded away with each click of Mal-ware infested programs.

On the bright side we now know that Facetime is only available to iOS gadgets, regardless of what others claim. Perhaps in the future Apple will broaden the horizon and not make it proprietary software.

Just remember, you have other options that can be just as useful as that other service which shall no longer be named.

Did you know of a work-around for Facetime for PC? Do you think Apple will ever make it for PC and Android? Have you already tried to download Facetime For PC ?

How To Download Facetime On A Windows PC (Be Caution)
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