How to fix ShowBox video is not available – Error Message


ShowBox is in our dreams for some time now. It is now an app that everyone wants to get on their device.

But you came to this article because ShowBox is not available just yet. You certainly have a standard error such as : server errors, updates not working properly, try a different server etc. 

But don’t worry, that is why we are here for.

A simple way to out of the situation would be to download one of the Online Streaming Alternatives apps. 

However, this is not why you come here. This is why this article will show you ways to avoid frustration when ShowBox is not available.

So let’s get started!

Video not available, Try another server

How to fix ShowBox video is not available

This issue is common among new movies that are on ShowBox servers just for a few days.

Usually, 99% of the time, you just need to update the app. Since Showbox has daily updates, it is always wise to download the latest version.

Additionally, you can clear the cache and data out of the system. Go to settings> General > Application Manager> Click Showbox and find ‘’clear cache and data’’ option.

After that, you are good to go!

ShowBox has Stopped Error Fix

This issue gets fix by updating the app, clearing all the data and cache of the app. This is the same procedure as the error above.  

Video Not Available Now, Try Another Server Solution

When you have this error, this is because it comes from the Showbox developers. Indeed, the app developers support the servers often.

So, if you face this issue, they are probably working on it to fix it. 

Fix ChromeCast does not support the Format

ShowBox has Stopped Error Fix

When you connect your ShowBox to your ChromeCast, you must select the ‘’Experimental receiver’’ option.

Check here to have the full list of non supported format of ChromeCast :

So, these are the most common issues that you may meet with ShowBox.

Because ShowBox functions from hosting, it does not complicate things at the moment of streaming movies or TV shows.

ShowBox is also available for PC, iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

The only negative thing is that ShowBox does not support subtitles. However, it remains one of the best online streaming movies services on the market.

Remember next time : If ShowBox is not available, just add this article to your favorites to always have a reference for. Enjoy ! Android App for PC

How to fix ShowBox video is not available – Error Message
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