Download Kik on PC with BlueStacks Android Emulator


Kik Messenger is a simple, personal and real time messaging application. And now Kik is available on PC. 

Read this guide and you’ll be able to download Kik for PC. 

Download Kik for PC with BlueStacks Android Emulator

Have you already heard “What’s your Kik?” Perhaps another time friends asked you to “Kik them?” No ? So it’s time to look at Kik for PC.

What is Kik Messenger ?Kik Feature

Kik Messenger was developed for smart phones. It doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to join in on the fun too. Our lives are always busy and we imagine all of yours are non-stop too.

We need to have the option available to chat in Kik Messenger on your PC.

For the Mac die-hards wondering, we can get you to running chat on Kik too. Kik Messenger is a free application. It uses your device that is connected through your internet to keep in touch with the world.

By using Kik Messenger, you can bypass the cost of texting completely. This is great for saving money communicating with those overseas texting or calling. Kik online is jam packed full of features.

The instant messenger is similar to messengers such as; MSN, AIM, and Yahoo that we all used to use but with Kik messenger you can take it with you everywhere.

Send messages on Kik Messenger for FREE right from your PC!

All these amazing features, now on
your PC!

Kik Messenger Android app loaded up full offeatures which we’ll tap into. The features are outlined here are;

  • Text Messages
  • Photo Messages
  • Video Messages
  • Sketches
  • Websites
  • File Sharing
  • Group Chat
  • User Name based instead of phone number based
  • Built-in browser embedded into messaging
  • Profile sharing to allow easy connecting to; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • There are robots you can talk to for a laugh
  • There are games on Kik Messenger
  • All of this Global chat for free

After we got our Kik online chat set up, a contact appeared automatically on our list named Kik Team. This is actually a robot that has some attitude.

Kik Team’s robot agrees to tell jokes if you ask. Some of them are a little corny, but still worthwhile.

We thought it was funny because we were clueless victims. Fair warning, don’t ask about anything that might seem a little personal he doesn’t seem to like that.


How To Download Kik for PC and Mac With Bluestacks

Alternative Guide for Kik for PC

Kik Messenger is currently only supported for smart phones we’ll have to use an Android emulator. Kik Messenger currently only supports smart devices;

  • Android devices
  • IPhone and IPod devices
  • Kindles
  • Windows phones

To get Kik for PC you need to download the free Bluestacks Android Emulator app for your computer. It’s anAndroid emulator you can get it here or use any Android emulator that you prefer. Andy’s Emulator is an alternative to Stacks. This is because Andy’s Android Emulator is compatible with Mac Computers and Windows Computers. The section below contains more information along with links and guidance for Andy’s.

  • Here’s a guide that expands further in depth on how to get free Bluestacks Android Emulator.You never know the issues that can occur. In case any troubles arise you have the resource.
  • After its done downloading free Bluestacks Android Emulator install it, and then open it.
  • Sign-in with your g-mail to be able to use the Play store preferably the Gmail that has your contacts. That will make it easier to find friends that have Kik already. Searching contacts for friends will be explained later.
  • Search for Kik Messenger and it will pop up like the image provided below.

After you find it click to install, and when it complete open it.

  • Now that it’s open register your account. Then sign-in.
  • If you have your contacts saved on the Gmail that you signed into stacks with you can search for friends using their phone numbers. You’ll have a funny robot on your list. We had to bother the robotto see what it would do, the artificial intelligence allowed sarcasm and jokes.

If you are ready for real people start asking everyone you know. What’s your Kik?

There you have it.


How To Get Kik On A Mac

Kik on Mac

This an alternative guide to getting Kik on a OSX Computer

To get Kik Messenger on a Mac Computer requires a different Android emulator Currently Blue stacks isn’t compatible but they are currently in progress of making one that is.

For all of you Mac Computer fanatics there is Andy which works with your computer as long as it has OSX 10.8 or higher. You can download it Here if you have any issues use this guide as there are pictures and in-depth direction available here.

Then Sign in with your Gmail or just search for Kik Messenger. After you press search Kik Messenger will pop up in the first slot as shown in the image below then Andy’s will prompt you to log into your Gmail.

Once you sign in to Gmail continue by installing Kik Messenger.

Then it will open and you will need to register if you’re new to Kik Messenger or if you’re not just sign in.Kik Messenger will ask if you want to import your contacts from Gmail.

If you have contacts it will search the numbers associated to current Kik Messenger chat accounts. Then it’s just like using it on a smart phone.

Good job you’ve just installed Kik for PC on a Mac computer. Enjoy being able to chat online with a Mac.

Click on the search to see contacts on Kik Messenger.

Kik Messenger Alternatives

Kik on PC

The alternates are just in case you don’t want to go through all the steps of the guide.

There is a large variety of features for Kik Messenger if you don’t want to chat on Kik and enjoy the free features just to name a few; unlimited messaging, group chat, online status, emoji’s, emoticons, stickers, read/received confirmations, audio, and video messaging.

Check out these alternatives to Kik Messenger just to get you started;

The alternatives are not compatible with all platforms. The alternatives are merely suggestive starting list for you to use as you please.

  • Skype is one of the most used messaging systems. We recommend choosing Skype if you decide against Kik instant messenger. Skype is also compatible with virtually every device and computer on the new and used market. The choice is yours. Just keep in mind that if you want you can have both. Then you can connect to even more people. When Windows Live Messenger Merged with Skype they just dominated the instant messenger world and snuffed out most of the other options.
  • Yahoo isn’t used as much today as it once was used but it’s still at your disposal.
  • Line chat is actually very interesting. It contains some good features and compatibility. We recommend you at least gander on their website.
  • AOL Instant Messenger or more known as AIM. When internet communications began to emerge AIM was what everyone was using. There are still a lot of business on E-bay that offer support help using AIM.
  • WeChat is a newer chatting program available mainly on the Android play store and is a pay application.



If you have time to spare, please view our other articles.

Kik Messenger performed well on all platforms that we tried. Also Kik didn’t take much time to get working. This is of course after our initial time investment learning.

Then quickly became clear that for PC or Mac systems needed to be emulated to obtain it, while smart devices were simple to get installed.

The major downfall of the app are security issues. The same security issues that threatens kids, are the exact same ones that make attractive to kids so they flock to it. Teens love the ability to be whoever they want to be.

The problem that presents itself in an anonymous setting. This alsoallows criminals trying to prey and target our children.

Check out this article here for some tips for parents. These will help you obtain the information needed, to protect your children.We hope that you found our article helpful and informative.

Now You Can Download Kik for PC for FREE!


What are you waiting for?Try using Kik on PC now. Please tell us how it goes by leaving a comment. We love hearing your feedback.

Download Kik on PC with BlueStacks Android Emulator
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