How To Play Pokemon GO On Your Windows PC


Is it possible to play Pokemon Go for PC and MAC? The answer is: absolutely yes.

All it takes to play Pokemon Go for PC is just a little time, and this article. We’ll show you what you need to install, how to install it and hot to set up everything.

When you finish all the steps, you will have your own Pokemon Go for PC. We’ll make all the steps simple and easy to follow, so you could start playing Pokemon Go for PC and MAC in no time.

Let’s get started.

Pokemon Go For PC Features

When it comes to features, Pokemon Go for PC offers everything you can do on your mobile devices. Still, there are a few extra features that make Pokemon go better on PC

  • Playing Pokemon Go from the comfort of your home. In short, you don’t need to freeze yourself in the cold, or get yourself in trouble for trespassing. You can play Pokemon Go and catch all the Pokemon monsters and never leave your room.
  • Game is free to play, no need for extra fees.
  • Continue where you started. No need to create a new Pokemon GO account, you can play using your old account.
  • You can share your Pokemon collection on In other words, you can show off in front of everyone with your Pokemon monsters collection.
  • Play in virtual reality

Software Requirements

In order to set up Pokemon GO for PC, you need to download and install a few simple apps.

All the apps are free and easy to install, and I will list them with download links.

  • Windows OS
  • BlueStacks Android emulator – you need it to install all other APK files
  • KingRoot – This is a simple Android root tool. You need to download KingRoot APK file to set up Pokemon GO for PC
  • Lucky Patcher – This is a simple tool that allows you to edit app permissions. In other words, you can remove ads or any other permissions that you want.
  • Fake GPS location spoofer Pro – As the name says, you can spoof your location using this app.
  • Pokemon GO – After all, this is what it’s all about. But don’t be hasty and try to install it before you complete all the steps.

Now that you have everything that you need, it’s time to start the set up. We will go through a step by step set up process, so take good care.

Installation Of Pokemon Go For PC

Step 1

First thing we need to in order to play Pokemon Go for PC-install BlueStacks Android emulator. Find the setup file that you previously downloaded and start the installation process.

Follow the wizard and everything will be OK. You’re on your way to enjoy Pokemon Go for PC.


Step 2

Now that you have BlueStacks on your PC, it’s time to install and run KingRoot app. You need to do that in order to run other apps that Pokemon Go for PC requires.

step 2 to install pokemon go for pc

To install KingRoot, klick on the APK icon on the side of BlueStacks window. Afterwards, you need to find your KingRoot APK file and select it. Then, run KingRoot and select “Try it”. In the end, select “Fix now”.

step-2-2 to install pokemon go for pc

All that’s left to do is to check your Security index and optimize it by clicking “Optimize now”.

Step 3

In this step you need to restart BlueStacks. Just click on the settings icon and select “Restart Android Plugin” option. We’ll need to restart BlueStacks again later, during this installation process.

step 3 to install pokemon go for pc

Step 4

In this step you need to click on the folder icon on the side of BlueStacks window. Then browse for the FakeGPS APK file.

When you select APK file, you don’t need to run it, BlueStacks will know what to do with it. Just click anywhere outside the selection window and you’re done.

Step 5

Almost there. Just a few more steps and you will install Pokemon Go for PC. Now, you have to install Lucky patcher.

To install Lucky patcher just click on the APK icon on the side of the BlueStacks window, select Lucky patcher APK file and click “Open”.

This will install Lucky patcher on BlueStacks. Once the installation finishes, just click on the “Allow” button. You need to do this just this once, in order to complete the installation.

Now, you need to open Lucky patcher app and complete a few simple steps. Just click on the options, one by one, that I’ve listed below.

  • Rebuild and Install
  • Sdcard
  • Windows
  • BstSharedFolder

These steps will take you to a point in which you have to select APK file for FakeGPS. Then, choose to install it as system app.

step 5 to install pokemon go for pc

One last thing regarding Lucky patcher, you need to restart BlueStack in order to complete the installation.

Step 6

In this step you need to install Pokemon Go. Just click on the APK icon on the side of BlueStacks, select Pokemon Go and click “Open”.

Now you have Pokemon Go for PC, but don’t start chasing Pokemon yet, we have more steps to go. Pokemon go for PC won’t work until you finish all the steps.

Step 7

In this step we need to set our Location. This is important because wrong Location settings can cause Pokemon Go to fail.

Go to your BlueStacks settings by clicking the settings icon and select Location option. Here you have to set the Mode to High accuracy.

step 7 to install pokemon go for pc

Disable any GPS settings in your Windows OS, because this can also create problems with Pokemon Go.

In order to do that just click Windows key + I (Windows 10), select “Privacy” option, and then “Location”. Make sure that your Location option is set to “OFF”. If it’s already off, just leave it that way.

If you don’t have Windows 10, click on Start button, and type “location” in the search bar. This will take you to Location settings, where you can turn Location OFF.

Step 8

This is where we setup our fake location. In order to do that, we need to start Lucky patcher and find FakeGPS app. If you can’t find FakeGPS just go to the bottom of the screen, find “Search” and select “Filters” option.

Next, you have to check “System apps” option and then click “Apply”. You will see a list of apps and FakeGPS will be on that list.

step 8 to install pokemon go for pc

Select FakeGPS and click “Launch app”. You will see a pop up window with instructions, read the instructions and click OK when you’re done.

step 8.1 to install pokemon go for pc

In the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see a three dotted icon, click on it and select “Settings”. Now, check “Expert mode”, you will receive a warning message, click OK to close it.

step 8.2 to install pokemon go for pc

Next, you have to click on the “go back arrow” in the top left corner of your BlueStacks window. This action will take you to the map window. Browse through the map and find your favorite location.

step 8.3 to install pokemon go for pc

Make sure it’s a highly populated area, in order to find more Pokemon for gym battles. You can pick any place on Earth, it’s up to you, just click anywhere on the map.

When you pick your location just click “Save” and then the orange “Play” button. This button is located in the bottom right corner of the map screen. Now your fake location is functional.

Step 9

This step is what it’s all about. We can finally play Pokemon Go for PC. As I said in the beginning, you can chase Pokemon with your old account, the one you use on your smartphone.

Your location will be the one you choose in FakeGPS, but you can always change it. In order to change your location just go back to FakeGPS and select a new location.

But don’t pick the locations that are too remote. This will raise attention to you.

The first time you detect a Pokemon, Pokemon Go will ask you if you want to turn off AR. Turn of AR in order to play Pokemon Go in virtual reality.

Also, if you have a touchscreen, you can throw Poke Balls and interact with Pokemon Go.

step 9 to install pokemon go for pc

Tips & Tricks

In case that Pokemon Go doesn’t detect GPS or your location, here is what you can do:

  • Reboot BlueStacks Android Emulator. Sometimes, that’s all the magic you need.
  • Get yourself a new location to chase Pokemon monsters. Go to FakeGPS and start a new fake location
  • Set High accuracy mode and turn off Google Location History in BlueStacks location settings.
  • Make sure that you enabled Expert mode in your FakeGPS app. Sometimes we miss this kinds of things, it’s OK to double-check.
  • See if your Windows device location is set to OFF. Maybe you forgot to do it during the installation process.



We hope this article will help you play Pokemon Go For PC and Mac. Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games on the planet with millions of users all over the world.

Now you can join that community from the comfort of your home. No need to go out in the rain or cold. No need to trespass, no need to get in trouble with people in the dark alleys.

How did you like this article? Would you recommend it to a friend of yours? Please, let me know in the comments about your experience with Pokemon Go for PC.

How To Play Pokemon GO On Your Windows PC
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