How To Download ShowBox On Your Windows PC


Download ShowBox for PC Free: Do you know you can use and download ShowBox For PC and Mac, too?

That’s right, you don’t need to use your smartphone or tablet to watch movies and TV shows on ShowBox. Streaming television shows and watching movies using ShowBox on PC is easy and fun.

Download ShowBox for PC Free

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We’ll show you how to download ShowBox for PC and watch TV shows and movies with it. We’ll take you step by step, and by the end you will learn to install ShowBox for PC and Mac.

So let’s do it, let’s install ShowBox and start watching movies and television shows on your PC.

ShowBox For PC Features

ShowBox is a fun app and you’ll enjoy watching movies on your PC using this app. The ShowBox app has a lot great features and here are some of them.

  • You can download ShowBox for PC on Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10. It’s compatible with all these versions of Windows.
  • With ShowBox for PC you get unlimited access to all the videos content available.
  • Watching television shows or movies on ShowBox is free. No restrictions, no extra fees, no registrations needed.
  • All television & movies shows are available in HD and SD. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in your preferred quality.
  • Easy access to TV shows. User friendly interface allows you to browse for TV shows & movies with ease.
  • Quick and simple installation process.
  • Constant updates

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Everything You Need To Install Showbox For PC

Let’s go through some requirements that you need to meet in order to download ShowBox for PC.

TV-shows and Movies for free on your PC!

showbox app for pcBluestacks

This is an Android emulator that you need to install on your PC. Bluestacks allows you to use and download ShowBox. You can download the installation file here.

Keep it on your computer, we need it for later. I’ll show you how to install it and how to use it.

System requirements for Bluestacks:

  • Windows XP/7,8,10
  • 2GB RAM is a minimum, but for optimal performance 4GB RAM is recommended
  • Minimum 4GB free disc space.
  • If you use BitDefender, Bluestacks won’t work. Any other anti-virus is OK.

ShowBox APK file

We need to download ShowBox APK file and keep it for later. ShowBox is not available on Google Play, so we need to download and install APK file. We will install it using Bluestacks Android emulator.

You can download ShowBox APK here.

System requirements:

  • Bluestacks Android emulator installed
  • Updated audio and video drivers

Internet connection

In order to watch your entertainment with ShowBox, your PC has to be online.

And that’s all we need to download ShowBox for PC. If you meet all the system requirements, it’s time to go to a step by step installation process.

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Download ShowBox For PC. Step By Step Instruction

Enjoy ShowBox on PC FREE NOW!

Catch Your Favorite TV Shows & Download Showbox for pc FREE anywhere

Step 1

In this step, we need to install Bluestacks. Find the installation file that you downloaded earlier and start the installation. It’s easy and everything goes by itself, you just need to confirm a few times.

download bluestacks

In the end just use your Google account to log in. If you don’t want to use your existing account, you can create a new one. It works the same. The end result is your Bluestacks Android emulator.

Here’s a screenshot to see what it looks like.

how to download showbox for pc

Step 2

Now that you have Bluestacks on your computer, it’s time to use it and install ShowBox for PC. After all, we can’t watch movies if we don’t install it.

Click on the ShowBox APK icon, located on the left side of the window. You can see a screenshot bellow, the arrow points to the APK icon.

step 2 how to download showbox for pc

Now find ShowBox APK file. You downloaded it earlier, when we prepared for the installation. When you find ShowBox APK file, just select it and click “Open”. This will start the installation process, and you will see a small progress window. Here is how it looks.

how to download showbox apk for pc

When the progress window closes, the installation is completed. Now all you have to do is find ShowBox icon, and launch your app.

Here is how it looks.

showbox app

Nothing left to do now but take your snacks and enjoy your favorite shows and series.

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Troubleshooting Tips

In case that anything goes wrong, here are a few tips for you. 

This way you can solve some of the issues that you might come up to. After all, no software is perfect and without a flaw.

APK installation fail message

Sometimes, when your Bluestacks Android emulator is out of date, this happens. You can try and update Bluestacks or try and reinstall it again, using the same installation file. This is one of the most common problems with Bluestacks.

Don’t know how to update ShowBox

A lot of people have this problem, so don’t worry. ShowBox will prompt you when there’s a new version of software available. It will ask you to update, and if you confirm, it’s automatic.

The other way to is to use the link I gave you and get the latest version of ShowBox APK file. So you might want to bookmark this page.

Removing the ads from ShowBox

People often hate to see ads and find them disturbing. You can solve this by downloading ShowBox MOD APK. When you download it, just install it using APK icon on Bluestacks.

Movies not loading or movies lagging (same goes for TV shows)

Check if you have sufficient RAM. This is the most common reason for this kind of issue. Sometimes, the problem is with the movie itself. In the end, you can try and reinstall the app, or you can clean the junk from your device.

Can’t uninstall ShowBox APK 

This is a problem that people report too often. It always comes down to one reason, and the solution is simple. You need to disable administration privileges to the app.

After that, you will be able to uninstall it with no trouble at all. In order to disable administration privileges here is what to do:

  • Settings MENU
  • Apps
  • Click on the cogwheel icon, this will take you to configuration menu
  • Disable administration privileges to the app


We hope this article will help many of you download ShowBox for PC and MAC. We tried to make it simple and clean so that you could follow it with ease. ShowBox is a fun app and I hope that you will have a lot of fun using it.

Now you can watch free movies and shows with your friends anytime you want.

Tell me if you liked this article. Share your experience with ShowBox on PC, if you already tried it. Did you like it? Is there anything that you think we missed in this article? Let me know in the comments section. Android App for PC

How To Download ShowBox On Your Windows PC
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