WhatsApp might be working on a web client


Have you heard that you can use Whatsapp on desktop very soon? Yes, this is what is new about this app. Users use Whatsapp on smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets. But the news is that Whatsapp may be on the web client. And you will be able to use it at any time. In fact,Whatsapp use SIM card, synchronizes and gets the contacts for you in a simpler manner.

WhatsApp web client

This product was this year bought by Facebook. Whatsapp is an android application. But because of its viral spread, the owner decided to make available for most of users. It has been a good gesture of love and improving the social life in a cheaper way.

According to a recent interview, Pavel Dorov, telegram app founder, says that Whatsapp does the hustle of getting his web app developer. And this is what has bought the whole suspicions of Whatsapp becoming a web client.  In his blog androidworld.nl, Dutch say that he discovered that the Whatsapp code version 2.11.471 reads Whatsapp web. Also the tracking activity of it are done in web sitting.

whatsapp call session

What most people wonder after the interview is how Whatsapp authenciticates since they use the phone device. And now WhatsApp will be a website kind of a thing. Maybe will soon be using the log in details just on how we do on Facebook. The whatsAPI team has it that you will need to log in to use the Whatsapp account that you have registered with OAuth. After that, the web system send the details to Whatsapp on the mobile so as to have them accepted. After that you can log in. https://web.whatsapp.com is the website which is to be used. Currently, it asks for Google account so as to log in.

Sure people wait to see what next after Whatsapp Facebook bought. We see a little bit of it and who knows what to expect. There are people who are coming up with different views. Whatsapp could lose the users on the web client while others expectat that it remains on high. But anyway, Facebook is a big company and cannot disappoint us all as its product users.

People use Facebook not only for meeting friends and making new ones but also for marketing purposes. And this could also be one of the things to expect when Whatsapp goes on web client. This is one of the speculations of the moment. However, the best thing is that most of us will have to keep our accounts live and active.

Alternate Method to download WhatsApp for PC described here.

It is also a good thing for anyone who don’t have a smartphone since they can access the account online after that. It is also easy for people using Whatsapp on PC. Indeed, the downloading process and the size of it take a good amount of space.

The improvement on the server and performance is still good so far and there is no complains. But nowadays, while using Whatsapp, you know better if the person read the message or not with the blue ticks. And this is also an add which has been added by Facebook since it bought WhatsappAndroid Apps free for PC.

WhatsApp might be working on a web client
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